Me too

Disclaimer: heavy content.

Yesterday a trending hashtag caught my eye.

A trending hashtag brought back repressed memories for hundreds and thousands of women around the world.

A trending hashtag brought those same women together.

Virtually all women stood up and said #metoo!
#metoo, to having been touched inappropriately.

#metoo, to having been raped, date raped, gang raped.

#metoo, to having been sexually molested or abused.

#metoo, to having been harassed at home work or on the street.

#metoo, to having been told to stay quiet!

#metoo, to having been told that “no one will believe you!”

#metoo, to having been told that “you asked for it”.

This trending hashtag showed the whole world yesterday that we are failing our children!

This can’t go on!
I want my daughter to know a world that can stand up and say “nonotme”!

I understand that this may be #notallmen … but this sure as hell is all women.

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