Keyboard warriors 

I feel like now more than ever we are trying so hard to find happiness in the most sterile and generic of places. How many times a day do you find yourself scrolling your social media feeds mindlessly, numb to what the images are actually doing to your state of mind ?

If it isn’t a perfectly posed and filtered selfie, a mouthwatering plate of whole-food goodness or decadant chocolate baked goods, to reminders of the pain and suffering of war torn Syria, injustices in Burma and hurricane stricken towns; how much are you absorbing on a level that’s mentally exhausting and downright unhealthy?

I’ll put my hand up personally and say too much. Many times I’ve found myself in this vicious cycle of self doubt and pity. It takes me a while to snap out of this state of mind and remind myself that so much of this social media life is painstakingly doctored and filtered ultimately altering my own sense of reality. What gets me though, the thing that makes every inch of my soul ache is not the perfect face or body that I look at in awe with a little bit of “I wish that was my life right about now” – or the perfect sunset taken along the Amalfi coast while I sit in pajamas at 4pm stained with Isaacs dried up cereal, it’s the commentary some people believe they have a right to make on such posts.

I was always told if you have nothing nice to say simply don’t speak. Sadly though many people believe that just because a person sets their social profile on public that gives any tom dick and harry a right to their two cents. These people sharing their lives, many just doing their jobs, sharing their art or hobbies, are being criticized and torn apart on the daily. Every single part of them nitpicked by these keyboard warriors. It’s painful to read and sad that so many people have lost their human side.

How many of us have taken the time to reach out and actually say something kind and positive about that post we just robotically ‘liked’. To genuinely say, “hey, I see you and although we are worlds apart your post, your image speaks volumes and I truly gain inspiration from your content. And it’s more then just a perfected selfie or pout, you’re a human being like me with thoughts and feelings and you don’t deserve to receive the hate you get”!

Take home message for the keyboard warriors; don’t use social media platforms like Instagram to bring others down in order to make yourself feel righteous and heard. It’s painfully obvious that you’re fueled with envy over the lives some people are fortunate enough to live. Try a little kindness and support, and if you can’t find that in you then don’t follow people who awaken that green eyed monster in you. And to the bloggers, vloggers, content creators, influencers out their who share their lives, their passions, their work, with us common folk, keep on keeping on! Your rawness, your talents, your art don’t go unnoticed!

“To be kind is good. To be kind without expecting anything in return is better.” Tariq Ramadan

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