Not many people admit to this but I had major gender disappointment at 20 weeks pregnant when they told me Isaac was a boy. I actually cried when we left the doctors that morning. How horrible! I still feel guilty when I think back to that day because now when I look into his eyes I can’t think of a greater blessing. Shortly after my scan, I found myself googling ‘gender disappointment’ of course, and get this…it’s totally a thing and totally normal AND it’s a lot more common than I thought.

Everyone who knows me well knows how much I loved the idea of having my own little girl, this became a reality on the 18th of October 2015. Just over two short weeks into living in Dubai I stared down at a positive pregnancy test and just knew deep down this was the girl I’d be dreaming of my whole life. Many emotions filled me that day, the first was excitement that my Isaac would have a sibling so close to him in age. Then a secret part of me thought maybe this would be my ticket home, surely I couldn’t have a baby in the UAE, surely?!

Fast forward 9 months and Laila was born the morning before Ramadan 2016, on a very hot Dubai day. Mama did it!!!! I survived a pregnancy in the sweltering UAE summer with a 1 year old. I was still trying to find my feet in this new city of mine, I hadn’t made many friends at that point, I wasn’t driving, I was still longing for Melbourne, but somehow I did it!

Laila’s birth was effortless! Choosing her name however not quite. My husband and I couldn’t agree on a girls name we had so many options that we just couldn’t commit to. So one day I said, “let’s ask your mum to name our girl?” Hubby couldn’t believe what he was hearing. We knew she would feel so grateful at the opportunity to name her granddaughter so we left it to her. She chose Laila and we couldn’t be happier with the choice. Our beautiful Laila.

I need to address in this post the level of care we received at the hospital where she was born. It was incredible! On another level to be honest! Due to Isaacs emergency c – section only 14 months prior, Laila was a scheduled c -section. She was born at 38weeks and 3 days, and a dream newborn she was. My baby girl, my special girl, I made a promise to her then and there, and a promise to God, I would never leave her side. NEVER. She would always have me, my love, my support, my patience and my prayers. God granted me my second little piece of heaven that day.

Laila Risilia – 5th June 2016 

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