Bali, Indonesia

Our Wedding 

The idea of eloping had always been a day dream of mine, long before meeting my husband, I often wondered how exciting the notion of running off into the sunset, taking vows along a beach far away from home would be. I didn’t know then that this would be my reality in the summer of 2011. 

All credit to my husband who planned and organised the entire experience. 

We stayed at The Elysian, a beautiful resort in the heart of Seminyak. A total of 7 days were spent with 13 of our guests, lounging by the pool drinking granitas by day, and dining in some of Balis beautiful restaurants by night. 

Our ceremony took place at The Cocoon Beach Club, we had the second floor dining / ceremony area to ourselves. With beautiful views of the beach, we exchanged vows by a Balinese sunset. 

Our wedding ceremony is a memory and experience I will cherish forever. It was a celebration of love even amongst the hardships we faced back home. It was a promise of two people coming together against the constraints of tradition and culture, ultimately for the sake of God. My father may not have been present to give me away, but those who believed in our unity were, and that was a blessing in itself.

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  1. Blessings upon both of you and these cometh in your two lovely children and the love that they experience every day from both a doting mum and dad.

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