Melbourne, VIC

I was born in the spring of 1985, in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, about 25km from its CBD. I remember the first time I truly explored my city, it was not until I came of age and could drive my own car. Melbourne, such a dynamic city filled with culture and life. From its artsy pockets to its hidden gems, I often think that if it wasn’t so far away from the rest of the world, Melbourne would be on every travellers bucket list.

If you are a caffeine lover like myself, Melbourne won’t disappoint, it has mastered the latte. With its thriving and upbeat cafe culture, weekend brunches are all the craze – expect to be lining up for entry into some of the latest ‘in the scene’ brunch spots for your dose of smashed avocado with poached eggs on sourdough.

In the spring of my 30th year, September 2015, I said goodbye to Melbourne. Heavy hearted, it was a decision which did not come with ease. I have been an expat now for almost 2 years; it is up there with one of the hardest yet most rewarding life choices I have ever made. Melbourne is still home, I often daydream about returning and raising my children there, I wonder if acclimatising to its crazy weather and cold winters will be difficult after having lived through 50 degree summers. Until we meet again Melbourne.

Artists Lane, Windsor.

Artists lane - Melbourne .JPG

  • all images taken by me unless otherwise specified. 

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